This is a not a real place. It is not a place to live in. But it is a place to take refuge in. Where displaced peoples and migrants can be assured of the warmest welcome from those who understand that settling in an alien country is bewildering and isolating and frightening. It is a place where refugees are wanted. Where they are welcome. It is a place for you.

If you are a refugee: welcome.

If you are not a refugee: please consider submitting a letter of welcome, in any language, to letterstorefugees@gmail.com


Letters can be a few words up to 500 words.

Letters can be addressed however you like, but they are all written to strangers.

Letters should ideally be signed with your name, city, and profession. If you prefer to write anonymously that is fine.

Post Script: This is a place to collect. Once collected, these letters will be gathered and distributed as a pamphlet to places where people who have migrant or refugee status will see them.



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