Letter Twenty Eight

Welcome, Traveller. 

Like you my parents came from a far off country to make a new life in Britain.

They too struggled at times with being visibly different to almost everyone around them.

They spoke and behaved in a way that did not quite fit in with everyone else.

They had abuse upon abuse piled upon them but they managed to survive because they were strong.

They had compassion for their fellow man and they learnt how to make friends.

I believe you will make friends, colleagues and mates here. 

Britain has some fine people just waiting to be your friend. 

There will always be those that fear difference. Gravitate to those people without 

that fear in their eyes and you should be fine.

I repeat: Welcome. 

Bring your truth, your compassion, your industry, your art, your music, and your honesty… 

Love provides the rest.

Whoever you are  – wherever you’re from – WELCOME.

Sir Lenny Henry CBE, Actor/Writer/Broadcaster, London

One thought on “Letter Twenty Eight”

  1. What a genuine welcome. Hearing such words as a refugee really impressed me. Fortunately, there are beautiful people like you in this world. Many thanks


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