Letter Twenty Two

Like you I wasn’t born in Britain. 

Unlike you I chose to leave my birthplace not because I didn’t love my country, but because I could. For sixty-four years I have loved both in fairly equal measure neither perfect, but both beautiful, a part of me and I, a part of them.  As I welcome you to this your new home and your new life I want to let you know that here you will find people of all sorts some you will get on with and others you won’t, many will want to know you and others might not, some may be harsh, but very many will be kind and helpful and chatty and funny and among them you will find new friends and will make new connections.  They will not replace your old ones and you will never forget your country, but these new people, this new home is a gift that will add depth and richness to your life and you will add to theirs, so welcome to Britain, our home!

Elena, Kingston Upon Thames, Researcher

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