Letter Fourteen


Welcome sister, welcome brother. I’d be delighted to meet you if I had the opportunity, my children would too. Children don’t see race, colour or religion, they just see a smile and a willingness to play. That language is universal, some adults could learn a lot from our children.

I welcome you with open arms and a warm hug, I’d like to offer you a comfortable seat and a nice hot cup of tea. I’d like to listen if you want to talk, or you could just sit a while and gather your strength because despite how far you’ve already come, I am sure your journey has just begun.

I want you to know how incredibly brave and strong you are, I admire you for your courage and determination. I would do anything it took to protect and care for my children. However, having had the privilege of being born here in the UK, I’ve never had to test how brave and strong I am in the way you have.

My life has been enriched immeasurably by the people that have come to this country either seeking refuge or looking for work and I’m so very grateful for that.
Sadly, not everyone will be as welcoming as we would like, they have their own problems and insecurities and might sometimes find it hard to be kind. Try to ignore them; walk on by and look for the kind smiling faces, there are many of us out here waiting to welcome you to this place we call home and it’s now your home too.

Welcome xxx

Nancy Evans, West Sussex, Home Educating Mum.

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