Letter Eight

Welcome home.

I see you have brought gifts.

That story in your pocket? Is it one I know? Of the wise woman who solved the universe? I think I knew her once – she became increasingly convinced that everything is connected with everything else. Last I heard she got on a boat or plane or train, and set off from this land with only a knapsack of hope.

Welcome home.

I see you.

And isn’t it marvelous to consider the possibility, in the quiet and relief of standing on solid ground, that we might draw to ourselves the kind of gifted people who are most needed in this our hour of greatest need?

Welcome home.

I, you.

So glad you made it. We made it, to this moment. We didn’t know who to expect, only that whoever arrived would bring with them hope.

And now you’re here. So thank you, welcome home.

Kathryn Beaumont, Gateshead, Actress & Mental Health Worker

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