Letter Seven

Thank God you’re here. We’re not getting on so well here at the moment and you can only improve matters.

Thank God you’re here. You must have had a hell of a journey.

Thank God you’re here. Every skill you bring, we can use.

Thank God you’re here. Every idea you have will find a home.

Thank God you’re here. We need you in our schools, our hospitals, our universities, our engineering institutes, our cafes, our fields, our homes.

Thank God you’re here. You improve the standard of the food.

Thank God you’re here. Let me give you this umbrella. You’re going to need it.

Thank God you’re here, and I don’t actually believe in God, but whether or not you do, and whichever God it is, I’m glad you’re here.

Whatever God means to you, whether a Force, or a man in the sky, or the power of love, or the invisible thread that connects us all, whatever God means to you, thank God you’re here.

I heard a good question about the reality of God: real like the daisies or real like I love you? As in, what is it to be real anyway? I don’t personally think God is real like the daisies. But I love you is real, so maybe that’s god. I love you. I’m glad you’re here. Thank god you made it. We need you right now.

Daniel Bye, Lancaster, Writer & Theatre Maker

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