Letter Three

I know that we haven’t met but I’m writing to tell you that I’m glad you’re here! Welcome to the UK. I imagine that your journey here hasn’t been an easy one and I hope that it’s getting better all of the time. There are a lot of others like me who are so happy to see you here and who are eager to bring you into their communities.

Some things to tell you about the UK. The weather I apologise for, it’s not so good and we as a nation like to comment on it a lot, whether it’s hot or cold, good or bad. We’re pretty into football, even though our national team isn’t so flash right now. And we have some crazy tv programmes like Love Island that you might want to give a miss- or that you might find quite funny! But the main thing to say is that, even though we haven’t met, I know that there is probably a great deal that you and I share in common. And that you will share in common with most people here. And everything that you bring that is different is only a good thing for us, that’s what makes the UK exciting, that we are a collection of countries and communities and eccentricities.

About 100 years ago my great grandparents came to the UK from countries like Belarus, Russia and Poland escaping persecution and poverty. I know sometimes it was hard for them but they were able to make a new life here. I want that to be the same for you. The UK has a tradition of welcoming people from different countries and now you are part of that.

I hope we’ll meet some day soon and I’m sending you my love.

Lots of love,

Sharon xxxx

Sharon Kanolik, London, Head of Learning and Participation

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