Letter Four

Dear sister, dear brother –

The Queen says hello.
Mo Farah says hi.
Adele says wotcha.
Harry Potter says accio you.
Mr Bean bows to you so deeply he falls over.
A red bus driver says welcome aboard.
A black cab driver asks where you want to go.
Tower Bridge opens its bascules.
The Angel of the North opens her arms.
The Beatles want to hold your hand.
Lord Kitchener sings London is the Place for Me.
Mary Seacole wants to know about your wellbeing.
Millicent Fawcett says you must be listened to.
David Bowie says it’s okay to be different.
Victoria Wood says it’s good to be delighted.
Eric Morecambe says it’s great to be daft.
Tommy Cooper says it’s okay to be wrong.
Mrs Brown and Graham Norton and Fred from First Dates say it’s okay to have come from nearby.
Kylie Minogue and Meghan Markle and Doctor Who say it’s okay to have come from far away.
And our patron saint of immigrants, an orphan,
our beloved visitor who has walked this path before you,
lays out a marmalade sandwich for you,
wraps you in a duffle coat,
and says everything is going to be okay.
You’re safe.

Tom Wateracre, London, Writer

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